Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Sculptures For Sale Online

The sculpture is a three-dimensional object created with various mediums as a way of expression. For several centuries, humans have made use of sculptures. It is believed that the first-ever sculptural piece was made in hopes to help hunters. Over the decades, it's purpose evolved in such a way that by the beginning of civilization they became a form of visual language, mostly religious.

Scuptures showcase a variety of techniques, styles, and art movements in its creations. Read on to know about some of the most popular ones.

Greek sculpture:

Greek sculpture and carving became widely recognized for the depiction humans and gods. The style is also commonly known as the Hellenistic style.

High Renaissance:

Another style that has earned the attention of many collectors is the High Renaissance style. Originating in Italy, the High Renaissance style was derived from classic techniques and subjects. It has transformed the way people perceive art and has influenced several art movements since.

Baroque style:

While Renaissance is known to incorporate naturalism, the Baroque style is widely recognized for employing dynamism art movement into sculpture. The style can be identified by elaborative details and intricate designs.

Rococo style:

The introduction of the Rococo style led to the end of the Baroque art movement. Rococo is known as sensational, detailed, and colorful.

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