It doesn't get any better than an impressive piece of sculpture to liven up a room. The extensive range of textures and colors of sculptures makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Whether you are looking for a classical statue in wood or a verdigris bronze garden statue, our selection is a delightful mix of kinetic, assemblage, free-standing, and wall sculptures available in a variety of materials such as metal, bronze, wood, and stone. Explore a wide selection of original sculptures for sale by artists working in a variety of mediums at Showrooms2220 to find sculpture art that will give your living space a unique and multifaceted flair.


As one of the most enduring and important forms of artwork known to mankind, sculpture has been one of the significant means of human expression throughout history. We identify with sculpture differently than we do with painting since sculpture occupies space in much the same way as humans do. In contrast with painting, which often provide the illusion of three-dimensional space on flat surfaces, sculptures inhabit the space they share with the viewer more literally than any other medium. Additionally, the sculpture is tactile, allowing one to feel its different textures and forms. Furthermore, sculpture viewing is a dynamic experience involving time and space - the work changes as the viewer moves.


As part of the sculpture process, materials are modeled, assembled, or molded together to form a three-dimensional object. Originally, durable sculptural processes involved carving and modeling from stone, metal, ceramic, wood, and other materials, but since the advent of modernism, materials and techniques have become almost infinitely flexible. There is a wide variety of media used now, including clay, wax, fabric, glass, plaster, rubber, and random "found" objects. Materials may be carved, wrought, welded, modeled, molded, sewn, assembled, cast, or otherwise shaped and combined by removal techniques. The designs can encapsulate themselves as freestanding objects, reliefs on surfaces, or environments ranging from tableaux to contexts that envelope the viewer with their presence.


Metal Sculptures


Bring life and character to your walls with vintage metal wall sculpture that is visually appealing and creates a focal point. This collection includes vintage metal wall sculptures that can be hung on your walls as well as three-dimensional pieces that can act as a focal point for your room.


Bronze Sculptures


Since the first metals were smelted, bronze sculptures have been a part of humankind's attempt to create aesthetic images of the world around them. The durability and technical versatility of copper alloys have led to bronze becoming a favorite material for countless artworks of both utility and aesthetic value. Aside from its use in statues, individually or collectively, reliefs, figurines, and small statuettes, the material as bronze elements can also be used with objects like furniture or weapons.


Wood Sculpture


In wood art, wood as a primary medium of expression is treated in a variety of ways to create different forms of art. Wood sculptures are included in this category. In cultures across the globe, the carving of wood is one of the oldest forms of wood art. Wood carving, as an art form, refers to various forms of carving made from wood, from decorative bas-reliefs on small objects to life-size figures, furniture, and architectural decorations, among others.


Mid Century Modern Sculptures that Showcase Your Sophistication


Sculpture from the mid-twentieth century does not fit neatly into any one category. You're sure to find a piece of mid-century modern sculpture for sale to perfectly highlight your amazing personality with so many options available, including tall floor sculptures, stone figures, and floor statues. Shop sculpture for sale at Showrooms2220 for an incredible selection of right mid-century modern outdoor sculptures, mid-century modern bronze sculptures, or small, decorative sculptures for your mid century modern coffee table, end table, or bookshelf.