Gardening isn't just about plants. In addition to adding structure and personality to your gardens, garden statuary can add an aesthetic appeal to your landscaping. A beautiful piece of statuary can enhance any area and add a real sense of personality to gardens as well as add a sense of scale and boundaries. If you want to give your outdoor living space a little bit of character, consider adding garden statuary. With these features, you can reveal your personality in a subtle and appealing way. Through your garden, you can convey any feeling you wish through statuary. You can evoke masculinity with a statue of Apollo, or you can add playful reverence with a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Shop our collection of garden statuary for sale here at Showrooms2220 if you are looking for statues best suited to your personality and garden aesthetic. 

Statuary has played an important role in gardens throughout the ages. Aside from Outdoor Fountains, ancient Greek gardens graced Animal Statuary and People Statuary. Freestanding statues that were large in scale and thoughtfully positioned were highly valued in the classical world. Sculpted in round shapes, statues were usually made of bronze or stone and embodied humans, divinities, mythological beings, and animals. 


The art of sculpture was considered to be representational before the 20th century; most commonly, it imitated human figures and inanimate objects, such as games, utensils, and books. As sculpture evolved through the 20th century, nonrepresentational forms became increasingly common. Furniture, pots, and buildings have long been accepted as being expressive and beautiful even if they are not directly or indirectly depictive; but nonfunctional, nonrepresentational, three-dimensional works of art were only produced in the 20th century. 

Garden Statuary for Sale

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