Vintage, Mid Century and Modern Paintings For Sale Online


When it comes to making space feel put together, nothing outshines a piece of art. It helps define the personality and individuality of the homeowner. The right artwork can create a character and unify the entire room together. But because there are so many choices available, making a decision can be an overwhelming task.

Here are our favorite vintage, mid-century, modern paintings for sale and the best ways to style them.

Landscape Art

Incorporate stunning landscape paintings into your living room to brighten up those gloomy winter days. A vibrant landscape scene will instantly liven up the room and rejuvenate you from the mundane routine. Contemporary landscape art creates a beautiful focal point that will invite viewers to contemplate. If you already have a view in your room, consider placing the painting beside the windows to complement your outdoor landscape and break down boundaries between inside and out.

Abstract Work

Whether you want an abstract painting to blend into the background or dominate your space with dramatic colors and textures, this particular art form can be found in a range of styles. They are known to convey a wide range of emotions. These paintings will not overwhelm the narrative of your decor, while the intriguing composition—whether it be geometric, or fluid—will contribute to the creation of movement and depth in a room.

Portrait Painting

Look for portraitures that share a common characteristic, such as a similar color palette or subject, or works from the same artist, so that you can hang them together as a collection. Portrait paintings by the same artist will let you concentrate on the uniform mood offered by the works.

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