Metal Sculpture

Metal Art Sculpture for Your Home Decor


Metal sculpture art can very much bring any space to life, and improve our environment and mood. Greatly valued for its craftsmanship and designs, metal art has tremendous decorative value. Whether it is ancient hammered metal cups, cast metal sculptures made from bronze, or ancient Egyptian gold jewelry, the earth metals' adaptability, and strength have made them an excellent material for sculpting and creating works of art and crafts. In addition to similar characteristics as that of painting, metal wall sculptures give an additional three-dimensionality in the use of space. Besides decorating the wall, the metal sculpture gives a certain density to the interior decor. We invite you to browse the wide-ranging selection of original metal sculptures in numerous textures and colors at Showrooms2220 to complement your style and space. Discover our collection of metal garden sculptures and add creativity and beauty to your gardens.


Metals Used as Metal Sculptures


Metal has been used by artists for making cast sculptures for centuries, with bronze being the metal most traditionally associated with sculpture. During the early twentieth century, artists such as Pablo Picasso and the Russian constructivists began to experiment with metals other than steel, and Julio González incorporated welded metal sculptures in his work. Today, artworks made from metal are gaining in popularity, especially those used as decorations and adornments as modern day sculptures have access to a wide range of metals such as steel, copper, brass, aluminum, iron, lead, gold, and silver, besides bronze to create a diverse array of metal sculptures.


Creative Metal Sculpture


You can add art to your interior with metal sculpture art creations such as an abstract art piece that is sure to catch people’s attention. Or else, a custom metal sculpture could be the perfect centerpiece for your yard. Our decorative metal sculptures from the past can be an inspiration if you're interested in something but unclear about it. It could be a metal bird as a symbol of your freedom, a sculpture table base to add a decorative touch to your living space, or as stainless steel heart to show your abiding love to someone. The presence of low carbon content and its corrosion-resistant properties make Wrought iron an excellent material to create an amazing range of decorative pieces. The unique aesthetic appeal of Wrought iron sculptures makes them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This diversity is reflected in the wide selection of metal sculptures on display at

Showrooms2220 by artists working in a variety of mediums.