Coffee Tables

Make your living room stand out with a stylish Modern, Mid-Century, Vintage Coffee Tables. 


Define the look of your living space with a stylish coffee table, the ultimate accent piece.. At Showrooms2220, our expansive range of coffee tables for sale encompasse a variety of styles like modern, conventional, rustic and more. Depending on your decor  preference you are sure to find the ideal coffee table that compliments your space and lifestyle. 

Design your home or commercial space with these simple guidelines for finding your perfect coffee table.


Coffee Table Height


While most coffee tables have an approximate height of 43cms, for an ergonomically correct fit the height of your coffee table should be slightly higher or lower than the seat height as per its functionality. In general, the gap between the tabletop and sofa seat should be within one to two inches for maintaining a comfortable level to reach the table. At Showrooms2220, our Coffee Tables have heights between 35cms and 50cms, ensuring you can find the perfect piece of furniture for your needs. 


Coffee Table Length


It’s worth noting that the length and width of your coffee table depend on the overall size of the room. Hence to ensure perfect purchase it is advisable to measure the interior of the room. Look for a table with a length within half and two-thirds of the sofa length and keep a minimum space of 60cms around it for easy movement. 


Coffee Table Shape & Size


For a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing setting, there must be consistency between the shape of the coffee table and the shape of the room. 

1 )  A rectangular or square coffee table goes well with conventional, angular furniture for an aesthetically pleasing setting. 

2)  Conversely  Vintage coffee tables complement  modern interior decor, enhancing it with a cool contemporary appearance. In addition, the smooth rounded surface of a round table has less impact on traffic flow and is a safer choice in tight spots. 

3)  Matching well alongside L-shaped seating arrangements, an oval-shaped coffee table allows for ease of movement while exuding a soft and welcoming aesthetic. 

4)  Effortlessly versatile, circular tables are the perfect match with traditional decor, infusing a cool, nostalgic ambiance around. 


Coffee Table Material


From various wooden grains and metals to sleek glass, different tabletop finishes convey different looks. The rule of thumb is to go for a tabletop that matches the style of your interior decor.

1)  The versatility of wood makes a wood coffee table go well with a broad spectrum of decor styles, from classic Mid-Century to contemporary. Oak, with it's timeless and rustic look, remains the most sought-after wooden top for coffee tables while darker, richer shade of walnut gives the coffee table a grander appearance and is ideally suited for larger rooms.  


2)  The sleek lines of metal coffee tables make them suitable for a living room and coordinate well with other bolder pieces such as a  wooden frame sofa.

3)  A glass coffee table makes a great space-saving option as it lends an airy look to smaller living rooms. Our glass coffee selections are crafted from thicker than average tempered glass and their transparent nature makes them match any color scheme.