Vintage, Mid Century and Modern Vanities For Sale Online


Decorative or functional, modern or antique: a vanity can be decorated in any way you desire. With a variety ranging from modern, mid-century designs to rustic-themed vanities, finding an ideal vanity that identifies with your personal style could turn out to be a daunting task. That’s why Showrooms at 2220 has brought together the best deals in one cohesive selection. 

Whatever theme or style you require out of your vanity space, these ideas ought to inspire you!

1. Layering With Texture

Transform your vanity into a charming piece by bringing together various accessories with complementary finishes and textures. Place a vintage wooden mirror on top of a sleek desk. Experiment with metallic jewelry boxes to offer a modern spark in your room. You can also accessorize your vanity piece with eucalyptus springs and flowers if your room needs a pop of color.

2. Keep It Simple and Clean

The soft colors and simplistic lines of a vanity will make it an ideal option for those who prefer minimalism. The infinite storage space, counter space, along with lighting works great together to create a functional and beautiful space.

3. Make It Multifunctional

Want an extra space without giving up the luxury of a vanity? Vanities can be used in myriad ways. To make it multifunctional, you can place it next to your bed like a vintage nightstand

Find a wide range of vintage, modern, and mid-century vanities from the best dealers around the world at Showrooms at 2220.