Discover Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Nightstand for Sale


A setting could go from mundane to exquisite in one simple addition of a remarkable furniture piece. A nightstand can be an ideal piece. With these simple ideas your nighstand can be both attractive and functional.

The nightstand itself needs to complement the mid century modern furniture layout of the room. If your room has vintage decor, you might want to go with an antique nightstand to pull the set together. However, with the right vision you can mix-match vintage design with mid-century pieces or modern design with vintage pieces. A nightstand featuring a drawer or lower shelf can help tuck away your magazines and books.

A mirror is not just used for reflection, it is also a perfect way to make your room feel brighter and bigger. You can mount a mirror on the wall behind the nightstand to create an illusion of a larger space. From Victorian vintage mirrors to mid-century and modern pieces, a wide range of sizes and styles can also be found at Showrooms2220.

Lighting plays a significant role, keeping in mind that you want your setting to be relaxing for bedtime. A good lamp adds warmth to a gentle ambiance. If the furniture piece is small, a sconce above it would allow more surface area for storing the essentials as well as styling.

In the Showrooms2220 collection, there are a number of items that come in varied styles to cater to your needs. Explore our collection of vintage, mid-century and modern nightstands and set up the bedroom of your dreams.