Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Storage Cabinet Furniture Designed by Leading Artists at Showrooms 2220



Here at Showrooms2220 we have a range of storage furniture by man designers such as Carlo de Carli, Samuel Abraham Marx, Guillerme et Chambron, and more. Here is a look at modern, mid-century, and vintage storage pieces available at Showrooms2220.


Carlo de Carli


A leading Italian designer, Carlo de Carli was known for mixing his architectural style with furniture design. Influenced by nature his trademark style had a lasting influence on the 20th-century design scene. Many of Carlo de Carli’s chairs, tables, and other pieces, explored the relationship between design and the human form.



Samuel Abraham Marx



Samuel Abraham Marx was one of the most influential interior decorators. His designs were based on Modernist concepts. Marx often drew inspiration from the International Style of architecture, which embraced structure and functionalism. Mid-century furniture pieces designed by Marx remain popular today.



Guillerme et Chambron


Designers Robert Guillerme and Jacques Chambron shared a fondness for interior design. In 1948, Guillerme and Chambron collaborated to combine functionality and aesthetics in furniture. The artist duo is remembered for their Vintage sculptural oak pieces.


André Arbus


André Arbus was a 20th-century French designer recognized for reviving Neo-Classicism in furniture design. Symmetrical forms and clean lines define his style. Arbus’ work is also notable for its detailed flourishes and lavish materials. As Arbus began gaining popularity in the 1930s, his clientele came to include Princess Elizabeth of England and the French Ministry of Agriculture.

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