Transform Your Space with Vintage, Modern, and Mid-Century Mirrors


Setting up an aesthetic interior is more exciting than ever with our varied selection of vintage, modern and mid-century mirrors! After all, mirrors are not just made for reflecting one’s image. They are also an ideal solution for making your space feel larger and brighter.

Discover Ways To Style Your Interior With Our Decorative Collection

From Victorian, vintage mirrors to mid-century and modern pieces, a wide range of sizes and styles are on offer. One particularly eye-catching item is a French vintage mirror that dates back to 1870. It has a rectangular beveled frame adorned with carved foliage details. If you’re looking for a simpler design an English Regency rosewood mirror circa 1840 does not fail to intrigue. Perfect for a bedroom, these vintage pieces will make your room feel more spacious.

Statement mirrors, like our Blue sunburst mirror, are the finest examples of modern design in our collection. Defying the principles of Minimalism these items add a dramatic touch to your hallways and corridors. While the sunburst mirror would look best above the modern wooden console table, it can also be placed on an open wall.

Geometric mirrors can accent the essence of your décor. An octagonal tessellated stone mirror can decorate any large space including above the modern fireplace. These designs could be contrasted with a Victorian wall mirror, a starburst convex mirror or a round horn mirror.

There are many more items in vintage, modern and mid-century styles that could fit your taste. Find the perfect mirror at Showrooms2220 to complement your style and your home décor.