Antique & Vintage Furniture - Our curated collection has something for every taste.


While architecture provides the framework, it’s furniture that has a strong influence on setting the vibe and tone of a space. Furniture shapes an interior, defining use of a room as well as the flow of movement through it. Furniture highlights interior design trends as well as showcases our priorities and personalities.  At Showrooms2220, you can explore a curated selection of vintage, mid-century and modern furniture that tells your story.


Antique & Vintage Furniture

Characterized by its unique blend of quality craftsmanship, natural materials and retro-chic decorative details the antique furniture on offer is sure to remain a focal point in your home whether it is a burlwood chair in the Biedermeier style or a 19th-century oak book press. While the designs are timeless these furniture pieces create a welcoming, comfortable habitat.


Mid-century Modern Furniture

Embracing simple clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and occasional bold accent splashes of color, mid-century modern furniture remains one of the most time-honored and well-loved styles of the 20th century. Reflective of a new sense of modern simplicity, the mid-century modern style is witnessing a strong resurgence now even among contemporary creatives. Our mid-century furniture offers you a collection of quality, character-rich pieces that include Italian rattan servers, round coffee tables, console tables, rosewood chairs, club chairs and more.

It was during the latter part of the 20th century that modern furniture designs started gaining popularity for their simplicity and quality craftsmanship. Contemporary designs often took on unusual, and sculptural forms, making the beautiful styles look more compelling. 


Mixing Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Furniture

You can create a coolly curated vintage interior by striking a meticulous balance among vintage, mid-century, modern furniture. In a dining room, for instance, a traditional-style table will work well with a set of mid-century chairs, like the Medea chair. To blend the classic and the contemporary, go for contrasting styles such as a Giacometti-style coffee table with upholstered club chairs. From salon side tables to round drink tables with gilded curves, you can go on pairing modern shapes with different styles and designs without having to compromise on elegance. At Showrooms2220, new pieces are added all the time to our collection that allows you to choose from famous collectible names, even if you’re on a budget. Each item of furniture has been carefully selected by our expert team making it easy to find the perfect piece just for you.