Vintage, Modern, and Mid-Century Water Fountain For Sale Online 


When looking for ways to create a natural space and increase relaxation, a water fountain may be a great option. In addition to their elegant and impressive look the peaceful, trickling sounds of the flowing water can create a cool and meditative oasis. Aside from the cascading water, the beauty of fountains and their surrounding spaces can be enhanced with lighting effects especially after sunset. The wide variety of fountain styles on offer at Showrooms2220 includes an array of vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern fountains to ensure that you can easily find a fountain that suits your home and creates an attractive focal point.  


Besides fountains for the garden, fountains for interior use such as indoor tabletop fountains and wall-mounted fountains hold equal beauty. Here are some decorating ideas to help you create an ideal setting.


  • Adding bright flowers to a fountain is a wonderful approach to creating a relaxing ambiance. After you've decided on a fountain and its placement it's best to pick plants and flowers that match the design of the fountain chosen.

  • Making use of green plants can help you achieve the fresh ambiance you want for your spaces. Vines like ivy are a great way to amplify the presence of your fountain. Flowers that are of low height can be planted in front of the vine to surround the fountain.

  • Some fountains have the tendency of splashing. This can be used to your benefit by growing herbs around the fountain base. Some herbs best suited are sweet basil and lavender. Herbs can also be used to enrich the environment without blocking the view of the fountain.

  • Adding some light can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fountain. You can admire the fountain day or night by installing specialized lighting.  There are various choices of fountain lighting available. White lights, single-colored lighting, or multi-colored lighting are some options among many others. When choosing to light, keep in mind the color of the fountain and its surrounding accessories. 


To add extra beauty to your space, Showrooms2220 has an exquisite range of vintage, mid-century, and modern outdoor fountains as well as indoor fountains from various prestigious designers and companies lined up for you. View all of these types of water fountains to create a stunning or special fountain at home, (and stay within your budget!)