Sofa Tables

Vintage, Mid-Century and Modern Sofa Tables


Professional designers have long used sofa tables to showcase decor and enhance an interior. These sleek tables help define an otherwise ordinary space. They are often placed behind a sofa in the sitting area.

When sofa tables emerged in the 1700s, they were usually drop-leaf tables placed in front of a sofa. Over the years, the design became longer, slimmer, and taller. These furniture pieces now come in a sprawling array of shapes, styles, and materials to suit any decorative theme.


Double-Tier Low Sofa Table

Warm and modern, this two-tier sofa table offers an easy way to show off your belongings. Accessorizing the top shelf will highlight the surface, while the bottom shelf can be used to place magazines or other items that you would like to tuck away.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa Table

Looking for a more minimal sofa table that will fit in a small space? A mid-century modern table might be just what you need. It adds a neutral finish to a busy room.


Modern Marble Sofa Table

This statement piece is all about enhancing a contemporary space. It can tie the whole room together. Unlike vintage or mid-century sofa tables, i'ts placement is not limited to a living area.

Bamboo Sofa Table

For those who crave decor inspired by nature, a bamboo sofa table could be the perfect option. This design is not only eco-friendly but also textured, adding an elegant appeal to your interior. A bamboo sofa table will look marvelous when paired with soft tones and a beach-inspired design.

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