Vintage, Mid-Century, & Modern Tables

One of the most important steps in decorating a room is selecting the right table. A table is perfect only if it has enough space for snacks, is strong enough to support decorative items, and looks aesthetically pleasing. It could hold decorations and personal items that refl ...

Our favorite tables date back to the vintage and mid-century periods. However, modern tables are also available in our collection. These tables can be made of marble, brass, or wood. Here are a few styling suggestions for each material.

Marble Tables

Among the most coveted furniture items is the fine marble table. Marble is a costly and heavy material that often gives a sophisticated look to a room. The stone can easily wipe clean, which makes it ideal for kitchens and dining tables . Black marble invites a moody atmosphere that works for a desk in the home office or a coffee table in the sitting area.

Brass Tables

Aged brass tables can give vintage appeal to your bedroom or living room. Brass tables serve many purposes, from providing an open surface to highlighting decorative accents. They are often designed for durability. The brass tables in our collection come in a range of styles to help you find the shape and size you need.

Wood Tables

Wood tables are a great option for anyone who wants a vintage, rustic look in their space. Whether you’re looking for a modern end tables, mid century coffee tables, center table or a carved statement piece, wood tables are sure to capture attention.

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