Vintage, Mid-century, And Modern Décor For Sale Online


Designing your interior requires attention to every single detail. Adding vintage, mid-century, and modern decorative items to a room can truly transform any space. The right pieces can tie the entire décor together. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your place look extraordinary and aesthetic.

Selecting Items for Your Interior

Select only those items that you can relate to! If you have a decorative piece that you absolutely adore or holds a special meaning, then this item could be the central focus of your decor. The overall visual impression is the measuring stick to determine how successfully you have integrated your decorative pieces.

Scale Your Artwork to The Wall

There are only a few things that are as uninviting as a dinky, small artwork way hung too high on your wall. The selected artwork or picture needs to be installed at average eye level. Also, you should take scale into consideration. For instance, a large wall can be adorned with either one oversized piece or a group of small pieces placed in gallery style.

Grouping Objects

Professionals often use “The Rule of Three” to capture interest and create depth. This guideline claims that objects when assembled in odd numbers, produce more visual appeal than groupings of even-numbered objects. This helps create a seamless composition of elements to draw attention throughout the room.

Layering Your Lights

Every interior requires three different types of lighting: ambient lighting, which offers overall illumination; accent lighting, which is used for decorative purposes and task lighting, which is often placed over a study area or kitchen island. Installing such a variety of lighting will not only cast a glow across the room but also create dimension.

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