Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Modern, Mid-century, or Vintage Shelves


Styling empty shelves might be a little overwhelming, but with the right tools, you can decorate them in any way you like. Showrooms at 2220 offer a collection of modern, mid-century, and vintage shelves on sale for your welcoming home. Be sure to avoid the following mistakes while decorating a shelf:

1. Not Getting Rid of Clutter

The first and the most important step of decorating a shelf would be to dispose of any clutter to avoid a crowded look. Anything that you have no use for anymore should be eliminated. Another mistake is trying to style a large number of small items on the shelf. The more pieces you place on the shelf, the more disorganized furniture it is going to look. You need to create an impact with each individual piece. 

2. Failing to Incorporate Books

Shelving should never go without books. You can start by categorizing your books and positioning them horizontally as well as vertically. Another way of organizing your books is by grouping them by color in a Display Cabinet. The colors must be evenly placed throughout to give it a pulled-together look. This is best for decorating a shelf with a sizable number of books.

3. Undermining the Importance of Balancing

As shelves provide plenty of space, visual balance plays a significant part in its styling. The items on your shelves should not be too crowded or be placed too far apart that they will begin to look like an empty cube. While styling shelves, a huge sculpture or decorative art piece can stand alone. Smaller sculptures, however, need to be assembled in pairs so that they are able to accentuate any vignette or book collection. A shelf should have symmetry.