Vintage, Mid-century and Modern Cabinets For Sale


Whether it be large or small, you’ll agree that a cabinet is among the most crucial decorative items in the dining room. This modern piece can elevate the beauty of plates and dishes and can distinguish the dining area from the other rooms. Read on to know how to style a cabinet and incorporate it in your mid century modern decor below.


mid century modern furniture cabinets will look gorgeous in neutral tones. But if you would like a visually appealing shade, go for a pastel hue. To emphasize the dinnerware, paint the inside with a dark brown or dark blue, creating a chic contrast.


Adorn your vintage or mid-century cabinet with printed wallpaper. Decorating it on the inside would catch the attention of any observer. You need to make sure that the pattern is not too small or too large. The right geometric texture or floral prints could pull the room together.


Cabinets do not have to be confined to dining areas, it can also be functional in a living room or bedroom. You can display several items other than dishes, such as stunning porcelain pieces.
A home can never have enough storage. Make the most out of your cabinet space, repurpose your furniture piece as a storage solution. You can store clothes, bedspreads, and blankets in your bedroom. Placing it in your bathroom can also add a chic touch to the space. Besides that, cabinets are functional to store accessories and shoes.

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