Consoles Tables

Mid-Century, and Modern Console Tables for Sale

Console tables first became popular in 17th-century France. While console tables were once decorative furniture pieces restricted to opulent palaces, they are now functional items that can hold lamps, artwork, books, and ceramics in any home.

This furniture piece can be placed in entryways or hallways to greet guests. It can also reside in a dining room or sitting area, where it can be used for extra storage.

Here are two trending designs for vintage, mid-century and modern console tables that will dominate for years to come.

Minimalist Console Table

In recent years, many have started to emphasize simple and modern decor designs. People have come to realize that adding more items to a room does not always improve it. Sometimes, having less can also be an elegant and practical option.

Vintage interior design guides would recommend detailed and oak console tables. However, the minimalistic interior design style is rapidly becoming more popular. Simple pieces are not only beautiful but also highly functional. Showrooms at 2220 offers a modern console table in the style of Karl Springer that will help you find the sleek lines of your living space.





Art Deco Console Table

The notable Art Deco style evolved in Paris in the 1920s and 30s. This particular style adds 20th-century glamour to a room. An Art Deco console table can be characterized by bold geometric shapes, intricate details, and bright colors.

With symmetrical designs and distinct shapes, these tables have a unique, sophisticated look. Representing the Art Decor style in our collection is a vintage console table from 1930.

Furnish your home with vintage, mid-century, and modern tables by visiting Showrooms at 2220.