Convex Mirrors

Antique and Vintage Decorative Convex Mirrors


Add some reflected light to your home with the absolutely gorgeous decorative convex mirror. Known for its unusual way of capturing a larger frame than a traditional mirror, a convex mirror has a distinctly artistic feel in comparison to a typical mirror. Referred to as l’oeil de sorciere in French or the witches’ eye, the decorative convex mirrors possess the uncanny ability to create the illusion of a larger interior scheme for your space in a sleek and sophisticated style. Explore the exhaustive collection of decorative convex mirrors for sale in Showrooms2220 for the perfect decorative piece of antique and vintage convex mirror and inject an elegant yet unique and charming perspective into the interior of your home.

Reflecting light and creating the illusion of more space, the antique and vintage convex mirrors are great feature pieces to elevate the interior decor in the home. Developed in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, convex mirrors became immensely popular at the beginning of the 19th century. Supposedly, the convex mirror was produced for the dining room to help the butler keep an eye on the progress of a meal without moving around the room. 


Federal-Era Mirrors


The decor items of the Federal era typically reflect the neoclassical style as most antique convex mirrors feature elaborately carved and gilded frames. These mirrors have an exceptionally decorative look, giving off a spectacularly dazzling effect, and were very fashionable during the period. Popular motifs on the crest are in the form of an exotic bird or spread eagle. The eagle usually carries a chain with ball ends attached to its beak. Most of these convex mirrors were made of hardwoods and were gilded with gold leaf or bronze.


Girandole Mirrors


Named for the triple branch candle sconce attached to the mirror frame, the hand-carved gilt oval Girandole Mirror was modeled after 18th-century European models. The rounded convex shape along with candle arms and candles made Girandole mirrors a major source of light, especially when used in pairs.


Bull's-Eye Mirrors


Also known as Girandole mirrors, if attached with candle arms, Federal Bull’s Eye features an eagle at the top, and typically includes less stylized frames. The mirror gets its name from the special convex glass used to make them. Among other convex mirrors from the Federal era, the porthole mirror draws its name from its resemblance to brass-framed ship portholes. 


Convex mirrors are great featured pieces to elevate the mid-century decor in the home. Transform the world around you, whether to add a finishing touch to your interiors, make an impact with your wall art, or amplify light and space with the beautifully crafted convex mirrors from Showrooms2220.