Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Fireplace for Sale Online


Fireplaces are a spotlight feature of a home as a both a functional ammenity and extra touch of architectural vitality. Showrooms2220 has a wide collection of woodburning stoves, fireplaces and mantes to fit any and all needs. Renowned for their elegance and simplicity, our products are sure to compliment the surrounding furnishings, fabric and decor.

Today the fireplace serves as an iconic centerpiece in the design of modern homes. Even with all the comforts of modern life, the fireplace continues to captivate the hearts of homeowners. When considering the design elements of your fireplace there are three things to consider : the material used, functionality, and the decor. With various options available, it isn't necessary to have only a wood-burning fireplace. Adding a fireplace to your house doesn't have to be an expensive or disruptive addition. 

Today, you can choose between either an electric fireplace or a gas fireplace.


The following are a few ways to build or design your own fireplace at home.

Selection of the Perfect Location 


Choosing the right location for a fireplace is crucial to building the perfect interior design for your space. The placement of an old wood-burning fire is limited between a floor-level fireplace or a fireplace on a raised, exterior hearth.  There are endless options for gas or electric fireplaces for the living room as these modern fireplaces can be mounted on the wall in any room and set at any height., making an excellent addition to any open floor plan. A fireplace can even be the focal point of your decor by placing it in the center of your living room.


Style of the Fireplace


The fireplace does not always have to be brick with a wood mantel, a showcase for decorative or personal objects. A room can be decorated in a neutral colours of grays and browns with stone to create a natural, rustic look.


Outdoors Fireplace or Fire Pits


A fire pit would be a great addition to your outdoor living space, transforming your exteriror and patio into an additional family room.


Showrooms2220 provides a range of vintage, mid-century and modern fireplaces for sale online. You can explore our sales catalog to discover the extraordinary pieces that fit best for your home.