Vintage, Mid-century and Modern Fireplace For Sale Online

A fireplace is often a focal point of any room. However, it can be quite overwhelming to decorate this eye-catching feature. Here is a look at how you can accentuate your vintage, mid-century and modern fireplace to enhance its appeal.

1.Mount Prett ... You can also use the space above your fireplace to show off your favourite pieces of china. Even a mismatched set from the antique shops can elevate your interior.

2.Create layers: You can select a large item that will draw the attention to the fireplace, like an artwork, or framed picture. No matter what the object is, it can serve as the centre of attention. This will also help you create the remaining designs based on their features. To add visual depth, place two items on each side of the fireplace. Although they don’t need to look similar, the objects must look proportionate. Keep in mind that the items don’t compete with the fireplace for attention.

3.Keep scale in mind: Symmetry is one of the most important parts of the design. Each of the items must create a uniform look.

4.Lean a Mirror: Install a modern mirror against the wall for a laid-back look. An oversized mirror makes the room bigger by establishing a bright focal point.

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