Vintage, Modern, and Mid-Century Lighting for Your Comfort

Any professional designer would suggest you be mindful while picking out lighting because it is a key ingredient in decorating a room. If you have been worrying about selecting furniture or wallpapers, note that a perfect piece of lighting will completely transform your space.

Our curated selection of vintage, modern, and mid-century lighting will not only add exciting colors and textures to your room, but also brighten up your mood— because sometimes the right light is all we need to get our spirits up, inspire productivity, and motivate us.

Every room requires distinct lighting designs, depending on the layout. Modern lighting could be placed in the living room, while the kitchen or the bedroom could be adorned with mid-century and vintage lighting. Additionally, table lamps (like mid-century gilt brass column-shaped lamps) can add an extra layer of light to your seating.

Emerging Lighting Trends To Follow This Year



  • Recently, soft colors have gained popularity. Color combinations like beige and brown appeal to the eye of many decorators. Included in the category of soft colors is a radiant golden hue— much like these mid-century obelisk lamps designed by Tommi Parzinger.
  • Living in a versatile, clean white interior is a desire of many. Adding Modern mercury glass silver lamps to embrace modern design pushes the limits of Minimalism.
  • The interplay between light and dark has been an elegant design concept for decades. The contrasting hues of lighting (like vintage carriage lantern-style wall sconces) can offer warmth to a room.
  • Less is more: the streamlined look has taken the design world by storm. Lighting pieces such as a modern contemporary floor lamp will decorate your room in a basic yet stylish fashion. These uncluttered designs will also leave space for your own style.
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