Table Lamps

Vintage, Mid Century and Modern Table Lamps For Sale Online


You deserve to feel relaxed when you walk through your front door and be rejoiced by the beauty that surrounds you. Your home should be your safe haven. Build a space that will inspire you every day with Showrooms2220. You can find a curated selection of vintage, mid-century and modern table lamps for sale online. Our catalog presents several examples of contemporary and classic options. 

1. Complement Your décor

A table lamp is an accessory that can add personality to your home décor. You can choose the perfect lamp lighting to go with the atmosphere of your room. 

2. Pay Attention to Texture and Tone

One way to elevate your interior decoration is by your lampshades being a focal point. If you want to add some texture or color to your space, a unique lampshade will do the trick. Choose a color with bold patterns, a distinctive texture or decorative elements like tassels or beads.

3. Choose the Appropriate Shade Shape

If you're looking for a sleek, modern look, pick out a minimalistic lamp. Drum-shaped shades with slim bases will create height to your space without clashing with the rest of the décor. If you're opting for a more vintage setting, tapered-style shades tend to work well with classic décor.

Our vintage, mid-century and modern table lamps were produced by notable furniture dealers around the world. View the catalog of interesting items and get the best deals today!