Vintage, Mid Century and Modern Sconces For Sale Online


Sconce wall lamps are the perfect way to provide layers of light to your interior. One of the most versatile lighting pieces these small, yet powerful, sconces will offer four primary light features: task, wall washing, accent and ambient. They can be combined with a chandelier, or downlights to create ambient lighting.

In addition, sconces are also a stylish choice for nearly any space in your interior and exterior spaces — from the hallway to the backyard. Outdoor sconces can be a wise addition outside your home. Besides adding an element of safety their designs allow you to add a personal touch. Scones come in a wide range of finishes and styles such as twigs, shells and metals such as bronze, copper and brass along wtih fine crystal and Murano glass.

Showrooms2220 has put together a guide for using vintage, mid-century and modern scones the right way.

Installing a Wall Sconce


The instructions for hanging a wall sconce will vary according to the fixture you select. Before placing your sconce be sure to seek advice from a licensed electrician so that you have the wiring configuration required to power your fixture.

Hallway Sconce Lighting


Sconces serve as a lighting solution for your hallway. To evenly distribute the light throughout the passage, install a couple of industrial wall sconces in a uniform manner. Sconces can also be used to highlight an important feature of the room such as a fine art piece or sculpture.

Sconces For Reading

Perfect light is the key to create an environment suitable for reading. That’s why sconces are often used on each side of a bed, study desk or home office. These pieces offer a layer of flattering light for spaces where regular reading occurs.

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