Floor Lamps

Solve Your Lighting Issues with Beautiful & Marvellous Floor Lights


Aside from providing fill-in lighting for a space, floor lamps can affect the mood and ambiance in a room while serving as a functional piece of art to brighten up your design scheme. Tall in style, floor lamps can create an understated focal point in your room, a useful alternative to harsh overhead light fixtures. With classic designs and embellished styles, Showrooms2220 offers an eclectic collection of vintage mid century modern furniture for sale that is a brilliant mix of smart innovation and the highest standards of design.


Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps


Sleek, streamlined, and timeless, mid-century modern floor lamps are the perfect example of innovative design to furnish a space. Characterised for simplicity and minimalism, these statement light fixtures are made to withstand the test of time, passing their stylish charm down through the generations.


Available in a wide range of styles and materials, the vast collection of mid-century floor lamps featured on the Showroom2220 represents notable masters of the craft, including Greta Magnusson Grossman, Adrian Pearsall, Gio Ponti, Isamu Noguchi, Louis Weisdorf, Gilardi & Barzaghi, and others.


Choose Your Style of Floor Lamp


Explore the different types of floor lamps available from the vintage, mid-century, and modern eras on Showrooms2220 while discovering the wide range of different designs that exude function, form, and ineffable style.


Club Floor Lamp

A Club Floor Lamp has a narrow column and a light on top. It is the most standard design of floor lamps available in the market. A club lamp is also commonly known as a vintage or standard floor lamp. Featuring a simple lampshade and a solid base around a lightbulb, this style of lamp is available in a wide variety of designs to fit your interior.


Multi-way or Tree Floor

This lamp is simply designed with multiple lights. The tree floor lamp provides three or more light bulbs and shades. With adjustable lighting, you can direct its lights in multiple places. A multi-arm lamp adds a sophisticated touch to any setting.


Swing Arm Floor Lamp

The swing arm lamp is featured with a lampshade and a column base, much like the club lamp. However, an adjustment can be made to the column base that allows you to alter the position of the lamp according to your particular preferences. Because of its horizontal movement, it can make perfect lighting above a mid century desk or an accent chair.


So whether it’s to spruce up with some new accent items or to give a warmer, cosier feeling with a distinctive vintage style to your home, you’re sure to fall in love with the best floor lamps for sale on Showrooms at 2220, the best online decor store.