Club Chairs

Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Club Chairs


Originally from France, club chairs were commonly found in private social clubs for upper-class English men in the 1800s. Characterized by heavy arms and low backs, club chairs are synonymous with comfort. Shortly after club chairs were introduced to the market they became one of the most coveted furniture pieces.

Club chairs are the ideal combination of comfort and style. Showrooms at 2220 offers vintage, mid-century, and modern variations in a wide range of designs and features so you can find the perfect match for your space.

Here are some of our popular styles:

Directoire Chairs


Directoire chairs draw inspiration from early French furniture movements. This vintage style brings the elegance and essence of earlier periods. It has organic shapes and clean lines that can easily balance other designs. If you plan on adding vintage Directoire chairs to a new space or your current interior, they are sure to create an ageless and sophisticated look.

Mid-Century Modern Club Chairs:


Mid-century modern club chairs are arguably among the most attractive chairs in history. These pieces are strong examples of Minimalist furniture. Popular during the 1950s, they were designed to demonstrate how chairs can be comfortable while boasting a modern quality. Versions offered by Showrooms at 2220, including these walnut framed club chairs, are a staple of mid-century modern furniture


Regency Moderne Chairs:


This popular design has long been a status symbol. The Regency Moderne chair is a statement piece for your space that works well in an office or living area. A luxurious leather seat paired with bold colors is both contemporary and timeless. With this zebra print leather club Chairs, you can kick off your shoes and relax.

Looking to enhance the look of your space with a stylish chair? Find more vintage, mid-century, and modern club chairs by visiting Showrooms at 2220 today!