End Tables

Exhibit Your Style with Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern End Tables


Stylish vintage, mid-century, and modern end tables are the perfect solution to elevate your furniture collection. These tables are not only a great way to establish your style but also help showcase decorative pieces. End tables are all about personalizing your space and sharing your story. Here are a few ways you can flaunt your style:


  • Clean, minimalist lines can sometimes be hard to achieve. If you like this style, you might be struggling to transform an idea into reality. You can start by placing an end table next to your couch so a book or glass of water is easily within reach. Keeping the surface as clear as possible will add a minimalist look to your living space.

  • Like most modern furniture items, your end table needs to have a centerpiece. This focal point should attract attention but still complement the other parts of the room. Choose one item as your focal point. Fresh flowers, plants, and branches not only create a unique point of interest but also brighten up your room. Bringing in outdoor greens is one of the most remarkable tricks designers use to make a room feel more lively. An elegant reading lamp could also center your end table.

  • For a modern look, many people place fashion books and candles on an end table. You can never go wrong with a few tasteful magazines. Your favorite art or culture book could also be a conversational piece.

  • Layering can also add dimension to the table. You can layer a book with pieces that inspire movement and draw your eye around the table, such as a novelty item or a vintage mid-century vase.  Add height with interesting sculptures to finish off the composition.


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