Flush Mounts

Flush Mount Lighting


One of the most common light fixtures in homes, a flush mount is a style of lighting that is typically used with lower ceilings. Available in several finishes and designs these lighting pieces are known for their versatility. They can also fit in small spaces with low ceilings (8 feet or less). Semi–flush mount lights are placed a little lower, often with a short extension so as to let the light mimic a chandelier.

Flush mounts provide ambient lighting for hallways, small rooms and walk-in closets. They could be a solution for rooms that are too small for a chandelier or ceiling pendant. However small the room, this piece allows you to enjoy ornamental lighting in your space. There is an array of styles available from vintage, mid-century, and modern flush mounts. When selecting a flush mount for your room the décor, as well as your design preferences, should be taken into account.


Flush Mount Designs

They are available in a variety of designs from vintage to mid-century modern. Similarly the color, material, style and finish of the flush mount should not clash with your interior décor.

Flush-Mount Light With Glass Shade

This style of lighting goes well with any ceiling and décor. These fixtures with a variety of decorative finishes and shades are also available at Showrooms2220.

Flush-Mount With Three-Light

These pieces are featured with three light sources attached to a single base. Some three-light flush-mount lights come with adjustable heads rendering you to position light on the basis of your needs. These modern fixtures offer a clean, minimalist look to any space.

Flush-Mount Light With Fabric Shade

This style offers diffused, warm light while the shade adds character to the room’s interior. These pieces will complement the setting of your bedroom, dining room and other living spaces. 

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