Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Chandeliers For Sale Online


No matter where you put your chandelier in the dining room, hallway or living space, this decorative piece adds drama and personality. When it comes to lighting, no other object creates a statement like a chandelier. There are many types of chandeliers to choose from all in different styles.

Linear Chandelier:


With an increase in popularity over the past years, a linear chandelier often includes lights on an oval or rectangular frame. These are designed to overhang a dining table or kitchen island. Linear chandeliers, also known as island chandeliers, work great in an open-concept living space as they provide ample light to the room. They sweep an entire area in an intriguing, sculptural style. From the vintage and mid-century styles to modern minimalism you can find any model at Showrooms2220.

Drum Chandelier:


Rather than glass, drum chandeliers are usually shaded with plastic, cloth or paper. They enclose their light within a disc that resonates with a hand drum. Drum chandeliers are mostly seen in large areas such as restaurants or malls. Similarly, these circular-shaped chandeliers also look great in a spacious kitchen.

Sphere Chandelier:

It is hard for a sphere chandelier to go unnoticed. This beautiful circle piece can tie the whole room together. It sways from the ceiling, adding an orb of warmth to the room. It is usually made of acrylic, glass, metal mesh. paper or even fabric. A modern sphere chandelier can be used in any area that requires an optimal light and a striking fixture.

Showrooms2220 offers the most whimsical range of vintage, mid-century and modern chandeliers for those looking for special styles. Browse through our catalog to find the best deals!