Dining Tables


How To Decorate Your Mid-Century, or Modern Dining Table


Looking to style your dining table? Showrooms at 2220 offer four tips and tricks to create a show-stopping setting.



1. Go for an old-school style



To add a sense of festivity, you can use a glass decanter to store wine. Vintage silver candlesticks are also a must to set the old-school atmosphere.

2. Don’t forget the staple pieces

Fine tableware is an important part of your dining room. You don’t have to limit yourself to one particular dinner service that only makes an appearance when special guests arrive. You can also invest in versatile, mid-century pieces for everyday use. Once the staple pieces are set on the modern table, they are sure to change the feel of the room.

3. Showcase quality like no other

You can research high-end restaurants and event venues to inspire your own dining decor. This will help you create a luxurious setting. For example, your guests could dine with a Victorian silver service that will elevate the whole table. A tasteful touch of elegance will tie your dining room together.

4. Finishing touches

Flowers are the key to transforming your space. For a more inviting feel, you can pick up wildflowers and roses for your modern dining table. Well-placed fresh flowers and pine cones will also add a subtle aroma to set your guests at ease. Looking for formal and modern dinner arrangements? You can consult with a florist for design ideas. While tablecloths are perfect for a vintage dining area, large linen napkins paired with a statement inlay can add a modern edge.

Ready to decorate your dining table? Browse our full selections at Showrooms at 2220 and find the vintage, mid-century, or modern dining table that’s right for you.