Vintage, Mid-century and Modern Photographs For Sale Online


One of the most engaging categories of art, photography was first introduced in the 1830s. However, it was only in the mid 20th century that it was established as an art form. Various styles have been gradually discovered since — ranging from Modern and Abstract photography to Dada and Surrealist photography.

Showrooms2220 features a wide range of vintage, mid-century and modern photography for sale online. These offered images have been captured by the lens of leading international artists from around the world. Before making the big purchase, collectors need to be mindful of four key points. Showrooms2220 is here to share some top tips.

1. Keep in mind that your assortment needs to be well-balanced.

2. Install the images in interesting places. Do not limit your photographic piece to a wall. Instead of walls, place your selection on a floating wall shelf. You can also try layering several pieces for a multi-dimensional look.

3. A common mistake to avoid when installing a photograph is hanging a piece that is way too small for the wall. It should have the same shape and orientation as the wall.

4. Frames are often overlooked when buying a photograph. Frames can add just as much personality to an interior as the art piece itself, whether you want modern, monochromatic frames or mix-and-match vintage frames.

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