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Wide Selection of Vintage, Mid-Century, Modern Chairs for Sale Online

Picking out a one-of-a-kind chair is always among the most exciting moments of decorating an interior. Whether you’re hunting for a sleek modern armchair design or an ergonomic vintage piece such as Biedermeier chairs ...

Chairs for All

Explore and experiment with chairs that recall vintage and mid-century styles, or ones that offer a modern touch. Go for a piece that will meet the requirement, purpose, and décor theme of your room. Whether it be a living room chair ex. Confidential" living room set, for a modern feel or a vintage chair to work from home, you can choose from all kinds of styles with Showrooms at 2220.

From minimal to detailed designs, beige to bright hues, spacious to compact sizes, our online collection presents a variety of chairs to harmonize with your home.ex. A 19th Century Irish mahogany upholstered chair with brass casters. You can discover chairs for all of your rooms – kitchens, bedrooms, outdoor areas, living rooms, study spaces, dining areas, and guest rooms. Regardless of the setting, there is something for everyone.

To find what’s right for you, go through the listings and browse our modern, vintage, and mid-century categories. You can also sort, filter, and shortlist products to decorate your space.