Vintage, Mid Century & Modern Armchairs.


When it comes to living room furniture, a cozy upholstered armchair not only defines a stylish fashion piece but binds a living room together. There is no better place in a home than a comfortable armchair to sit and relax in the cold morning, a welcoming refuge in a sunny afternoon, or simply to unwind and relax after a hectic day. A piece of cozy furniture with relaxation written all over it, choosing the right armchair is crucial to recreating the ultimate relaxation space. The carefully curated collection of mid-century, modern, antique and vintage armchairs for sale at Showrooms2220 ticks all boxes to ensure a cozy personal space while keeping your living room furnished in style.


Types Of Armchairs


The vast offering of armchairs is baffling. The hunt for the perfect armchair means delving through the many shapes, sizes, and styles. Here is a practical guide that leads you through the essentials.


The simplest way to begin your search is to take a closer look at four of the major armchair designs.


Low-Back Armchair

The profile of a low-back armchair gives a more relaxed and less formal look and is best suited for rooms with a modern decorating scheme. The smaller proportions of these chairs make them ideally suited for rooms with low ceilings or apartments with overhanging eaves as they lend a sense of space and height in a small space.


High-Back Mid-Century Armchair

Adding a regal and elegant look to any space, the high-back mid-century armchairs are a classic addition to any decorating scheme. These chairs are especially suited to larger rooms with their tall backs, adding to the design details. Placing two of these armchairs next to each other and two table lamps beside them give a sense of balance in a traditional setting.


Winged Armchair

The cozy and inviting flared winged styling makes for the perfect armchair to snuggle into with a cup of coffee and a good book, without needing much adornment.  These iconic vintage armchairs date back to the sixteenth century and remain a reliable choice that never dates.


Modern Armchair

Modern armchair could be a combination of one or more classic styles, perhaps less detailed and with a contemporary touch to it. These armchairs often have unusual textures and materials to create a focal space in the room.