How To Choose Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Chairs That Match Your Room’s Furniture


We are here to help you to find the right kind of furniture for your home with a guide on how to pick chairs that will complement your home’s furnishings.

Vintage Chairs


An earthy color palette, smooth curves, and symmetrical lines set the vintage style apart. A furniture piece that is a classic example of the vintage era is a French Guillerme et Chambron armchair. Pieces from the 1970s and 80s often match with other styles to complete your space. On the other hand, a simple chair that is often overlooked requires a vision to bring your room to life. No matter what the design or era, comfort is always a must, whether you choose vintage wingback chairs or Louis XV-style open armchairs.

Mid-Century Classic Chairs


If you adore traditional furniture with a modern twist, mid-century modern furniture is the way to go. You can pair your current furniture with chairs that have sophisticated details and clean finishes. Prioritizing the silhouette, material, and texture of an item can make your furniture stand out. Exceptional pieces that exude elegance include an upholstered armchair from the 19th century and an English spool chair. Take your pick from the mid-century seating selection offered by Showrooms2220.

Modern Chairs


Are you interested in sharp, sleek lines with a little bit of drama? Then your modern furniture should ooze aesthetic and luxury. Modern chairs can be characterized by their slim legs, defined backs, and shaped seats. Today, sculptural forms have become a hallmark of the modern style. For example, a set of bamboo and rattan stools can add an effortless, minimal look to your home.

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