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With a long history, spanning hundreds of centuries, Asian art is diverse and rich in nature. Asian art is recognized for its ritual bronzes, beautiful ceramics, jades, textiles, poetic landscapes, garden design, and exquisite goldwork. As Asia becomes ever more important on the world’s stage, understand it's cultures and history becomes increasingly significant. Showrooms2220 strives to celebrate vintage, mid-century, and modern Asian art by making it more accessible.

Collectors guide to Asian art and antiques

Although Chinese prehistoric items and paintings can be difficult pieces for collectors due to authenticity issues, they regularly command record-breaking prices. Celadons are gradually increasing in value, along with Chinese scholar's table artifacts. Chinese export ceramics are often found at reasonable prices. Such pieces draw the attention of a diverse crowd. Even though contemporary Asian artists and potters have accomplished remarkable success, the Korean art market finds it difficult to keep up.

Aside from a few particular categories like armor, swords, contemporary ceramic, cloisonnes and Meiji metal sculptures with distinctive signatures, artworks from Japan are generally undervalued. Although the authenticity of artwork may arise as an issue with Japanese art, the paintings are currently inexpensive. This may provide a suitable beginning point for new collectors. The authenticity can be easily confirmed with a consultation. Imari and other Japanese porcelains are commonly available and reasonably inexpensive, making them a fantastic deal for all. Modern Japanese prints with high quality are available at affordable prices as well. This art medium features various designs and styles, which will help new collectors to explore the field of Asian art. The prints should be examined outside of the frame to check for damage and marks.

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