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Asian art conveys the richness and mystery of diverse cultures that developed through the centuries. A profound appreciation of aesthetics has characterized the art and crafts of Asian cultures, reflecting a strong spiritual curiosity and a need to express a unique view of the world. A wide variety of art forms can be found in Asian countries, spanning hundreds of years. Aside from its ritual bronzes, ceramics, textiles, jades,  elaborate goldwork, woodblock prints, shadow puppets, garden designs, and artistically painted landscapes, it is also known for its magnificent temples, shrines, stupas, pagodas, as well as calligraphy, the highest art form in East Asian art. Stunning Buddhist art and utilitarian objects of regular use, often embellished with symbolic design and motifs, are examples of the most interesting antique collectibles from Southeast Asia. Collectors have been captivated by Chinese antiques for thousands of years due to their masterful craftsmanship, intricacy, and strong connection to Chinese culture, history, and philosophy. Antique Asian items are reminiscent of a time when people lived in a more leisurely manner, where they faced fewer distractions, and when the seasons and agricultural cycle controlled the flow of time. 


Whether it’s traditional ceramics or contemporary art, including statues, carvings, antique furniture, ceramics, porcelain, textiles, and more, Showrooms2220 has something for you. We offer a wide range of Asian antiques for sale, ranging from Edo Castle folding screens to Indian miniature paintings. A wide selection of Chinese antiques is on display, including pieces from the Dao Guang, Jiaqing, Qing, and Qianlong dynasties. Explore traditional Chinese antiques made from rich hardwood, fine lacquer, or delicate silver. Discover an impressive selection of Asian and Chinese furniture and accents, including: 


Antique Asian Chairs and Tables:


Our Chinese accent chairs, side chairs, desk chairs, Asian dining chairs, as well as Asian seating collection range from simple Ming Dynasty chairs to majestically carved official hat chairs. We offer a wide variety of sizes of tables, including dining tables and tea tables.


Traditional Chinese and Asian antique furniture:


The pieces are handcrafted using traditional woodworking techniques, including mortise and tenon joints. These quality antiques are constructed from solid hardwoods without nails or screws. 


Tibetan Furniture:


Browse through a collection of brightly painted Tibetan cabinets and trunks that feature Tibetan lions, flowers, deities, & celestial clouds, among other patterns.


Among the furniture & accents available include rare Japanese, Mongolian, and Tibetan pieces such as:


Mongolian Furniture:


Our collection includes Mongolian antique furniture to choose from, including large dressers, chests, trunks, hall tables, and server cabinets.


Antique Wedding Beds:


Gilt and polychrome decorate this finely carved example of an antique Chinese wedding bed. There are a variety of antique beds, daybeds, platform beds, opium beds, and more available at our store.


Antique Benches:


Our antique benches come in a wide variety of sizes and color options, making them an excellent choice for coffee tables and sitting benches. Bench styles range from rustic primitive farm benches to ornately finished benches that show signs of centuries of use.


Antique Asian art has experienced a rapid rise and transition in the market. Fine sculptures, ceramics, and objects are among the most popular items in the Asian Art market with art collectors and enthusiasts. A strong following exists for antique or modern porcelain, ceramics, textiles, jades, bronze sculptures, religious sculptures, cloisonné enamelware, weapons and armor, and iconography at auction.


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