Vintage, Mid-Century, Modern Benches for a Welcoming Home

Find benches for your home at Showrooms2220. Here, you can discover your favorite vintage, mid-century, and modern benches.

Mid-century benches provide cozy seating for a relaxing or conversational setting. As they do not take up much space they can fit almost anywhere.

As an entrance piece, the bench  should be aesthetically welcoming. This can create a new dimensional space in your home. Sometimes, adding a pattern or color can make a plain bench look more inviting.

Vintage Benches

Garden benches are a great addition to an exteriror space, a respite to sit and take in breath of fresh air, escaping from the daily humdrum. A garden bench ex.A Neoclassical wrought iron garden bench circa 1900, has more than a functional purpose—it also offers relaxation. A piece like our Neoclassical vintage garden bench could become your garden’s focal point, a pleasure and destination.


Modern Benches

A modern bench can also be used as a coffee table ex.A dark parchment-covered coffee table/bench with lower shelf. Today, many have come to enjoy a blend of the artistic and functional. These pieces are leading the way in seat design and multifunctional design. They play with material exploration such as aluminium, stainless steel, concrete and resins to create site-specific designs.

A substitute for large sofas, seat cushioned, mid-century benches provide cozy seating for a relaxing or conversational setting. They do not take up much space and can fit almost anywhere.

From Modern to Mid-century and vintage furniture, Showrooms2220 offers benches in a range of styles and sizes. Explore our catalog to find a piece that best meets your needs.