Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Art For Sale Online


A human endeavor, art is a means through which we interpret the world by exploring and expressing ideas, emotions, and abstract notions. Art is an integral part of a well-designed and welcoming home. Make your space a focal point with Showrooms2220’s unique selection of art pieces. We offer a wide range of art for sale online, including modern art, mid-century art, vintage art, sculpture, original oil paintings, and landscapes, as well as newly commissioned works by some of the industry's most promising young artists. Find paintings for living rooms, including pieces of still life, abstracts, photographs, and portraits. Besides expressionist paintings, we also offer realist paintings for sale that date back well before the 1910s.


There is nothing like vintage paintings to add character to a room. With their bold colors and modernist style, mid-century modern paintings add a focal point to any room. Paintings from this era are renowned for their vivid hues and mixed media compositions. An old oil or acrylic painting is one of the easiest ways to create a distinctive gallery wall, whether hung on the wall, leaning on a credenza, or mixed with framed drawings. With our collection, you are sure to find something that meets your needs, if you're looking for vintage florals, still life, portraits, or landscapes.


Abstract Wall Art


As abstract art only gained popularity in the middle of the 19th century, it is generally associated with modern art. The Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky is one of the founders of abstract wall art, known for his geometric, dynamic paintings in vibrant primary colors. For something more organic-feeling than Kandinsky's paintings, consider Joan Miro's contemporary art.




A landscape painting is generally classified as either a realistic or an abstract painting. Most of today’s original modern landscape paintings tend to be abstract in nature. Vincent Van Gough, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, and Paul Cezanne were famous landscape painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who influenced this style of abstraction. Monet drew inspiration from the water lily pond outside his home, while Van Gough depicted the French countryside in dramatic images. A landscape painting by Paul Cezanne or Henri Matisse would make a nice addition to your bedroom or living room if you're looking for something a bit unusual. As a Fauvist artist, Matisse is known for his vivacious colors and fluid forms, and his landscapes exhibit a rhythm of motion that is imitated by many modern painters.




An intriguing element can be added to a space with a portrait painting such as a vintage drawing. Fireplaces and hallways are among the most popular places for hanging portrait art among designers. Although most of us associate portrait paintings with distinctly traditional works, this type of painting varies widely in style from classical to pop art. An oil portrait is one of the most personal pieces of art, and they are often cherished for a lifetime. It is true that frames lift practically any canvas, but they make a particularly large impression when it comes to portraits.


In a small space, an expansive work of painting or photograph will draw attention and create a sense of place. If your space is minimalist, consider hanging a black-and-white picture or adding color by hanging an abstract painting. The gallery wall is one of the best ways to add personality and color to your home. Adding wall hangings and other ephemera will make the display more appealing. Make things interesting by using simple, coordinated frames, or bringing in a variety of ornate variations to add a touch of flair to any space. You can create the illusion of a larger space by extending the gallery wall to the ceiling.




Get a fresh perspective on your walls with our collection of art photography for sale. A fascinating treasure trove of art photography awaits you in our collection, which features a variety of vintage photography, antique photography, and modern photography, as well as first-edition prints for sale by emerging artists. 




As with painting, sculpture dates back to the oldest periods of civilization. The benefits of sculpture, however, are that it allows us to express and explore art in three dimensions, as opposed to painting, which is restricted to two dimensions. The presence of a stunning piece of sculpture can add a great deal of life to a room. If you’re on the hunt for contemporary, vintage, or mid-century modern sculptures, be sure to check out our collection here at Showrooms2220. With a delightful mix of plaster busts, wicker animals, and bronze garden statues, we have a variety of art sculptures for sale that make finding the perfect piece easy. Pop Art sculptures like those by Andy Warhol are also on display, as well as sculptures in the Memphis style and Post-Modern style.