Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Art For Sale Online


Showrooms2220 offer a wide variety of art styles and movements. You can decorate your personal space with works crafted by traditional as well as contemporary artists. Our collection feature works created by prolific artists from Newton Haydn Stubbing to Otto Toaspern. Here’s a look at some of the most admired categories of vintage, mid-century and modern art.


A sculpture is a three-dimensional art piece made with various styles, techniques, and materials to represent an artist’s imagination. It is one of the most expressive forms of art. For many centuries, humans have used sculptures for various purposes. It is believed that sculpture was first made to help people while hunting. With time, it's use evolved and by the start of civilization sculpture was used as a form of early visual language, largely religious.



A print is another form of art created in several iterations with the use of the transfer technique. Prints can be produced in various methods, but the four most popular kinds are woodcut, lithography, etching, and screenprinting.


Painting and Drawing

Drawing and painting are ever evolving art forms. A number of notable art movements have emerged over the years, including Realism, Impressionism, Victorian, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Expressionism, and more.

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