Exterior Doors


Vintage & Mid Century Modern Exterior Doors


As the main entry point into your house, there are multiple uses for external doors in every home, both functionally and aesthetically. Exterior doors provide the first glimpse of the interior decor and style of your home. A beautiful door serves as a statement of any homeowner’s character and impacts the home's curb appeal.  As a result, it must complement or match the exterior design. For instance, Victorian homes, art nouveau homes, art deco, contemporary homes, colonial homes, and old-world rustic homes all feature unique designs that need doors that complement, not interfere with, their overall style. In addition, doors create privacy, give a sense of space, reduce noise, and forge a sense of elegance. As one of the most important doors for your home, entry doors should be safe and secure, tough enough to survive extreme weather conditions and provide family protection. 


Styles of doors are determined primarily by their functionality.  With the right style, you can elevate your home’s appeal while improving its efficiency. From residential entry doors and screen doors to patio doors, storm doors, security doors, and French doors, you’ll find the perfect exterior door to match your home’s style at Showrooms2220.


Door Configurations


Add a little flair to your entrance by considering different door configurations. Front doors with sidelights - partially or completely glazed panels on the sides of the door - create a brighter entryway. The presence of two doors can add to the overall elegance of the entryway. Additionally, a transom may be added, which is a decorative accent set above the door. Besides, a door’s swing should also be taken into consideration - inswing or outswing - select the one that best blends with or complements the exterior effect.


Door Styles and Materials


As one of the most important doors for your home, exterior doors create the first impression on visitors. It’s important to consider the material as well as door styles, colors, and finishes to complement the architecture of your home and possess sufficient durability.


Enjoy greater freedom of choice at Showrooms2220 by shopping online from the wide array of exterior door options available in a range of different formats to suit the varying requirements of our customers. Explore our collections of contemporary exterior doors for sale, exterior French doors for sale, and antique exterior doors for sale to find a product for your needs.