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Doors and windows are integral parts of all residential structures, and their design should be carefully planned to ensure that they contribute as much as possible to a structure's overall appearance and functionality. There are a number of practical uses for doors and windows that are not often appreciated. In addition to protecting your home from the elements, windows and doors help prevent intruders from entering. They also provide a glimpse into the interior of the home. In several instances, doors and windows symbolize a building's identity, rather than merely providing access and egress. Sometimes, they serve to differentiate a building from its surrounding structures. 


Antique Doors for Sale


A front door serves as the main entrance into your residence and offers a first glimpse of the interior decor and style of the residence. Moreover, it contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your house; thus, it should complement or blend with the exterior appearance. There is a wide range of styles in homes, such as Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, colonial, contemporary, and old-world rustic homes that require doors that enhance, not conflict with their overall style.

An antique wooden door has a storied charm and character that modern, new doors lack. Having a solid wood vintage door for your home will undoubtedly provide a timeless aesthetic that can't be duplicated by any other man-made material. Whatever your style may be, Showrooms2220 has antique doors for sale to match any period of your house or to add some vintage charm to a new build. Our extensive collection of doors includes doors with French carvings dating back to the early 19th century, ancient Chinese wooden doors, stained glass mahogany doors, and much more.


Trends in Vintage Doors

It was considered a sign of wealth and prestige to have a great front door in Victorian times. Carvings decorated most doors during the 1800s. Softwood Victorian doors were painted or grained to give them the appearance of hardwood. It was very common to add stained glass as well as brass knobs, letter boxes, knockers, and hinges to doors. The Edwardian era was characterized by larger front doors with side windows to allow more light into the house. The front door was often painted red or green during this era. Art Deco was a major influence on doors during the 1920s and 1930s. Leaded and stained glass typically adorned painted softwood doors. In many cases, geometric patterns were created using colored glass, such as sunrays and chevrons. Chrome was typically used for door furniture.


Antique Windows for Sale


Any interior or exterior vintage windows contribute a great deal of character to the space. You're sure to be impressed by our collection of antique windows for sale, no matter whether you're installing one or using it as decor. Many different kinds of antique windows are available, including English leaded window frames, stained glass windows, arched windows, Gothic window frames, as well as other types of windows. 


Trends in Vintage Windows


Homes in Georgian and Victorian times were typically fitted with sash windows. There is a frame that surrounds one or more movable panels in a sash window. A glazing bar separates the glass panes. Most of these windows were typically painted in the traditional "Queen Anne" style white. After the 1894 Building Act, windows weren't supposed to be flush with the walls anymore. This enabled the Bay style to be used for windows. During the 1920s and 1930s, casement windows gained popularity. Usually made of wood or metal, these glass frames were attached to hinges. You can find mid-century windows for sale that complement your aesthetic on our online platform if you're looking to add character to your kitchen or living room. 

These styles of vintage window and door designs are as popular today as they have ever been. Reclaimed doors from the Victorian era through to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods continue to be highly sought after. A home, regardless of its age or style, can benefit from the retro and interesting look of these classic designs.