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Vintage Doors & Windows For Sale Online


A vintage door and windows can alter the essence of any setting. Showrooms at 2220's sale catalogue showcases such kinds of pieces. Refined vintage doors and windows from each and every corner of the world are featured in our selection; attention to detail in each of these items is not confined to materials or borders. A variety of antique pieces acquired from the best dealers drive the sale catalogue.

In modern times, vintage doors and windows are a rare find. Our catalogue includes French doors, multi-panel doors, sliding doors, barn-style doors, screen doors, and more. Additionally, our vintage window curation consists of single as well as multi-pane windows that come in all sizes and shapes.

Mid-century Modern Doors & Windows For Sale Online

A mid-century modern style can elevate your home in every possible way. Characterized by clean lines and minimalistic design, modern styles make for stunning doors and windows. From expansive glass panels to oversized windows with bold, vibrant tones to delightful textures, Showrooms at 2220 bings together simplicity and statement. While these pieces are highly functional, they do not lack in uniqueness and style. In our collection, you will discover windows and doors with distinctive features to complete your modern look.