Chests of Drawers

Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Chest of Drawers on Sale

Whether you have a small or large space, you can make your chest of drawers stand-out in a number of creative ways. Here are a few inspirational methods to design your vintage, mid-century, or modern chest of drawers.

Incorporate different textures

Chest of drawers can create a beautiful impact on any interior. Accessorize with mid-century paintings or decorative arts adorned with bold textures. This will help you create an ensemble that exhibits visual appeal. Placing a tall vase with slender flowers could be a great idea for your vignette.

Add a personal touch

You can add character to even the smallest corners of your room. Any vignette you create should include something that is personal to you. A family picture or an object that holds meaning is a good way to tie the display together. Although, the pieces must be evenly spaced to avoid overwhelming the surface area.

Including a few books of your pick shows off the things you're interested in while adding height to the display. Books can create dimension to complement the rustic chic of a chest.

Table Lamp

You don’t need to simply rely on an overhead light in your bedroom. Install a few pockets of light on your chest of drawers and bedside table, which will add to the ambiance. You can select a vintage or modern lamp that reflects your personal style, however, the proportion of the chest and lamp are very important. The size of the lamp needs to be relative to the size of the chest.

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