Storage Trunk

Mid Century, Modern and Vintage Storage Trunks For Sale Online


Decorating a interior with a Storage trunk provides a beautiful vintage touch to your room. Associated with the idea of long voyages and treasure, these pieces can give off an adventurous, romantic feel. Wooden storage trunks, in particular, can be used as a vintage decorative furniture piece. If you are looking to add a fun trunk centerpiece, Showrooms at 2220 offers a varied selection of vintage, mid-century and modern storage trunks for sale that can instantly liven up your room.

Here are a few ideas on how you can add a unique trunk piece to your interior:

Transform Your Trunk Into a Coffee Table

A trunk can make a perfect antique coffee table. An ordinary trunk transformed into a centerpiece is likely add drama to your space. An innovative way of achieving an aesthetically pleasing space is by creating a contrast between the vintage and the modern. Place a vintage or mid-century trunk in a contemporary setting, or a modern leather trunk in a vintage space. It can be used as an additional storage space to hide your games, books, games, and much more inside.

Re-purpose As a Bedside Table

A cube-shaped trunk could make a stylish bedside table in your bedroom. To achieve symmetry, opt for uniformity in height on either side. You can turn a wider trunk to its side so as to give you the advantage of extra height.

Console or Bench

A large, tall old trunk placed as a midcentury console Table could make a style statement in your entranceway. Adding a lamp or bouquet of flora and fauna could brighten up the room. Atrunk can make a unique bench seat as well. This multi-purpose piece is a great way to greet guests in entryways or hallways.

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