Choose the Perfect Vintage, Mid Century & Modern Stools.


Passing from antiquity into modern times, stools have evolved into a practical and functional piece of furniture that both saves space and complements the decor of a room. Incredibly versatile, the range of modern, antique, and versatile stools for sale at Showrooms2220 not only enhances your space with elegance and creativity but gives you a place for a moment of rest or relaxation. 


Modern stools are made in an increasingly diverse range in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. While metal bar stools add a contemporary look to a room, the wooden stools add a more classic feel. To help you select the perfect stool, here’s a handy buying guide for you. 



Choosing the Right Size


When shopping for stools, height is probably an important factor to consider. To be comfortable, there has to be enough space between the tabletop and the legs to ensure the right sitting posture. Here’s a chart outlining the standard height difference between the seat height of the stool and the surface height of the table, kitchen, or commercial bars. 


Height Difference

Dining Table - 27 - 30cm

Kitchen Bar - 20 - 25cm

Commercial Bar - 20 - 75cm


Low Stools for Dining Table


The low stools with heights between 45 - 48cm are designed for a  kitchen and dining table and are perfect to enjoy the benefits of the lower height of kitchen stools. Some models of low stools at Showrooms2220 are versatile as their heights can be changed for use at a table or a breakfast bar. 



Kitchen Stools for Kitchen Worktops


We have a great range of kitchen stools from 65 to 70cm that pairs perfectly with work surfaces of kitchen worktops and breakfast bars. With enough leg space, these stools make sitting comfortable enough. 


Commercial Bar Stools 


We have a great range of commercial stools measuring from 75 to 80cm and are a perfect match for the commercial bars. To improve stability, these stools have heavier bases with increased heights. 


Bar Stool Width


At Showroom2220, we have a range of Bar Stool widths measuring between 30cms and 60cms. To figure out the number of stools that best fits your bar, divide the length of your bar by the number of seats required, leaving about 15cms between adjacent stools to swivel. Features like armrests and padding will add to the stool width. 


Tips to Select the Right Colored Stool to Match Décor


Dining Room: Stools are an excellent choice for a dining table, complementing the elegant decor of the dining room. 



Living Room:  Colorful ottomans  are a great complement or replacement for the sofa or armchairs in living rooms. They add a touch of elegance when placed in a corner. 


Bedroom: Colorful Pouffes add a romantic air to the bedroom, be it in a corner or beside the bed. 


Bathroom: Colorful stools can also be used in the bathroom such as the edge of the sink to keep clothes and accessories. 


Balcony: Stools are also an excellent choice for the balconies for use as a side table.