Vintage, Mid-century, and Modern Credenza Furniture on Sale

Showrooms at 2220 offer a curation of credenzas adorned with modern, mid-century, and vintage designs. You can learn about Credenza pieces and their uses here to elevate your interior. 


What is a credenza?

Although credenza stands alone as a contemporary furniture category, it is also a remarkable addition to your mid century modern home decor. These pieces are often confused with other styles of furniture like servers, sideboards, or buffets. Introduced in the 14th-century, the credenza was used as a unit to store food that would be examined before being served to aristocrats. Over the years, the definition and use of a credenza have changed in many ways. Today modern, mid-century and vintage credenzas can be found in many households as a staple furniture piece. They are available in distinct styles and finishes, with both decorative and functional uses.

What is a credenza used for?

With a wide array of vintage, modern and mid-century designs, credenzas can be a remarkable extension to your interior. It can render new energy to your furniture layout, especially one that needs a little spark.

In many modern interiors, a credenza in white finish is widely popular for its unique, minimal aesthetic. It is often placed in a dining area for the purpose of storing and displaying tableware, glasses, and other items. However, this furniture piece is not confined to a dining room. Its wide storage space provides room for all kinds of items that you can safely tuck away, proving to be functional for any area.

Find a wide of vintage, mid-century, and modern credenza on sale at Showrooms at 2220. The available pieces are made out of rattan, oak, rosewood, walnut, and more.