Vintage, Mid-Century, Modern Buffet Server Sideboard are Officially a Home Décor Trend


Used in home decor for many years, sideboard servers have been a popular choice of furniture for modern homes. Although back in the days, servers were not considered as the most important feature in a room, the interior design trend has moved its attention away from a buffet and sideboards; focusing mainly on servers. This season, modern, vintage and mid-century servers take the headline of “must-have furniture for your room”. It is best known to complete the entire look of your space.

Their simplistic style makes them a convenient piece for storage, holding drinks, and showcasing art. Showrooms at 2220 servers have a variety of outstanding features and designs that are sure to fit right in with your room’s design. If you are searching for a place for storage, and serve snacks, these servers will be the favorite part of your interior.

Different Types of Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Sideboard Servers

Decor enthusiasts can find a range of stylish, as well as affordable, units at Showrooms at 2220. A vintage, dark wood server is both versatile and timeless. Even after years of its crafting, it looks more beautiful and unique than it ever was. Any other material would never surpass the essence of real wood.
For a more modern feel, opt for marble servers. Marble servers are exquisite furniture pieces, elegant and durable in their design. They have made a come-back in the contemporary world of interior design. Marble is not just associated with luxury, it also has a new modern connotation. This is because of the beautiful texture of marble: a natural pattern adorned with irregular veins. Such texture adds a touch of delight in any interior. Marble servers have started to become quite popular around the world.

From modern to mid-century to vintage, Showrooms at 2220 provides servers in all styles and sizes. Browse through our catalog to find interesting pieces.