Vintage, Mid-century and Modern Planters to Beautify your Home 


Every home that has planters installed is full of life, making it joyful and aesthetically pleasing. Planters and pots are the simplest methods to integrate nature inside. Planters assist you in customizing your interior to create an area that appears more lively and charming regardless of size. Our carefully selected collection of vintage, modern, and mid-century planters will indeed make your space look greener and more peaceful, fostering productivity and creativity. There is a wide variety of areas you can place your planters in. Some innovative ideas to help incorporate planters into your home are listed below.


  • The veranda (balcony) is an excellent location for displaying a lovely collection of planters. Using a mixture of different pots, your veranda can look more soothing, vibrant, and colorful. Large suspended planters and pots on the floor can be used to transform your veranda into a tropical space.


  • The first thing people see when they walk into your home is the entrance. A little garden created by placing matching pots on the sides of the entryway is sure to charm your guests. Planters can also be placed on racks and platforms.


  • Planters can spice up your patio making it appear rather organic and earthly. You can enhance the vibe of your patio by adding the wide variety of planters we have available.


  • Planters can be used as ecclectiv wall hangings, arranging them on creative wall shelves. You can select the color and size of your planters based on your preferences. 


Showrooms2220 offers a broad selection of products for the best price you can find. One of these unique pieces is sure to catch your eye. Buy the antique, mid-century, and modern planters now for your benefit.