Vintage, Mid-century and Modern Planters to Beautify your Home 


Planters provide plants with a nurturing environment for growth. Apart from making your living space inviting and cozy, they are also functional in terms of maintenance and usage. Plants can not only enhance the look of your space but can bring freshness to your home. In addition to keeping your house cool and improving air quality, house plants have many other benefits.  As they are portable, they can be kept anywhere to add greenery to your home and increase its aesthetic value. Using pots and planters is an excellent way to grow plants where they would not normally grow, such as on a patio or kitchen shelf. You can make a great investment in your home by filling it with planters. To enhance the beauty and essence of your space, it is essential to choose the right kinds of planters. The carefully curated selection of Planters available at Showrooms2220 will help you make the best décor choices for your home. 


Mid-century planters are ideal for displaying plants to ensure they look great and be as beneficial to your home as possible. Any residential or commercial space can benefit from mid-century modern planters and cylinder pots, which add a touch of contemporary elegance. As well as keeping your plants contained and your environment clean, they add an air of elegance and sophistication to any room of the house. The mid-century design emphasizes function over form. As a result, you'll discover functional pieces and an attention to detail that's sure to become firm favorites.  It was, however, minimalist planters with stands that became iconic at the time. Materials are also an important aspect of mid-century modern design. In order to keep its function, plastic is cleverly designed to mimic wood rather than imitate it. There are many different types of materials used in mid-century modern planters, including wood, vinyl, glass, Lucite, and plexiglass. Designers' work features a wide variety of color palettes from black and white to neutrals and bolds. Make sure your indoor space reflects your style and personality by selecting the right mid-century modern indoor planter that complements your décor and adds a personal touch. Here at Showrooms2220, you can find white planters, mid-century modern pots, or mid-century modern plant stands to go with your existing pots.  You can choose from mid-century modern indoor pots and planters to suit your style, whether you prefer a mix-and-match style, material, or color, or something with a unique, one-of-a-kind feature. A wide range of shapes and sizes can be found, ranging from tall platers to small wall planters. The wall planter is a small planter that can be hung on a wall to create a vertical garden. When space is at a premium and you want to have plants around you, wall-hanging planters are your best option.


Types of Planters


If you're planning to update your garden, backyard, or front porch, make your choice of planters according to materials that complement your decor style. In general, the materials used for container gardening can be divided into seven broad types, regardless of whether you repurpose old containers or buy ones designed specifically for that purpose. Among the most common materials for planters are, Terracotta or Ceramic Planters, Wooden Containers, Metal Planters, Plastic Plant Pots, Fiberglass Containers, Hypertufa and Concrete Planters, as well as Fabric Pots. Planters made of natural materials, such as wood and metal, are less common but also have their own advantages. It is important to choose the right material for your plants so that they remain healthy as well as to make your interior or exterior more attractive. Our selection of pots and planters is perfect for housing your indoor plants as well as making a statement in your garden.


Planters and your favorite plants can create a green spot indoors or outdoors. Whether you're gardening or decorating your home, Showrooms2220 has the perfect planters for sale that is just right for you. Planters enhance the beauty of the plants you plant in them, so if you love plants around you, then you will love our selection of planters.