Outdoor Lighting

Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Outdoor Lighting For Sale Online


A well-lit outdoors deserves lighting that brightens each corner and creates a lively setting as well as balance. It can incorporate a mix of flood, landscape, walkway, mid-century and modern lighting to provide an additional layer of security. Outdoor lighting also highlights a home's architecture or landscaping. Here are some ideas to help inspire your outdoor lighting.

Entryway Lights:

If you’re looking for outdoor light fixtures to brighten up your front porch or front door, flush mounts, hanging lights, and wall lights are your ideal options. Wall-mounted lightings work well when installed in pairs on either side of a door. However, flush-mounted lighting is perfect for a more compact space, such as front porches or low ceiling entryways. These outdoor fixtures can be found in a variety of sizes and styles at Showrooms2220.


Spotlights are mostly used as accent lighting and offer concentrated and direct light. Complement your spotlights by installing photos, doors, and signs. Unlike floodlights, they provide concentrated beams aimed at a focal point.

Landscape Lights

Another popular type of outdoor fixture is landscape lighting. It allows you to highlight key architectural features or landscapes of your home such as a fieldstone facades, water features or bargeboard. It can also add drama to your landscape, with minimalistic outdoor spotlights.

Whether your backyard boasts traditional style or modern design you are sure to discover a wide assortment of outdoor lighting that will suit your aesthetic. Showrooms2220 offers a variety of vintage, mid-century and modern fixtures to enhance and style your landscape. Explore the finest designs and get the best deals today!