Outdoor Lighting

Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Outdoor Lighting For Sale Online


It is not only aesthetic but also safety and security that outdoor lighting adds to your home or business. Whether you want to use decorative outdoor lighting to highlight architecture, landscape lighting to dress up landscape features, or increase safety and make a stairway more visible with security lighting, there are a variety of ways to incorporate them into your outdoor spaces. Lighting plays a significant role in the design of the yard and garden. Lighting ideas for your backyard can transform your yard and make it a great place to spend the evenings. Light and shadow interplay can create a sense of depth and space as dusk descends, highlighting the form and texture of plants and decorations with carefully placed exterior lights. 

Outdoor lights can draw attention to trees and plants, assist in zone setting, and highlight different areas where people can relax, eat al fresco, or socialize. In addition to adding ambiance, the right fixtures can also provide functional lighting for safety and ease of use. You can eliminate tripping hazards and harmful obstacles by lighting walkways, entrances, and garden paths at all hours. Along with walkways, outside dining rooms, patios, pergolas, and arbors, the right outdoor lights can be used to illuminate trees and structures. Whether you want to light up your patio or outdoor area, Showrooms2220 has a wide selection of outdoor lighting to complement your design.


Mid Century Modern Outdoor Lighting


The mid-century modern style is characterized by sleek lines and organic and geometric shapes that are minimalist and functional. For mid-century modern outdoor lighting, look for fixtures that have fresh lines, soft arches, and diverse fabrics incorporated into their design. This fusion design style of traditional and contemporary has gained popularity in recent years because of its ability to rejuvenate the ambiance of exterior living spaces. If you're going with a mid-century design theme, consider sleek and oversized rectangular light fixtures. Enhance the curb appeal of your home with elements like exposed light bulbs and altered glass - this will create breathtaking reflections of light on the exterior. With warm-toned metals, soft shapes, and subtle sophistication, mid-century modern outdoor lighting is a popular choice for porch lights.


Antique and Vintage Outdoor Lighting


Showrooms2220 offers antique outdoor wall lights and vintage outdoor sconces among its antique and vintage outdoor lighting selections. Style, function, and versatility are all key factors that make outdoor wall sconces popular. Make a statement with modern outdoor lighting in bold, modern shapes. Add a whimsical element to your decor with orbs and globes or industrial-style pieces. Our wide selection of vintage exterior sconces will give you plenty of options for adding a touch of well-designed light to your backyard or garden. Our selection includes everything from lanterns to outdoor wall sconces to wall lights vintage retro, among others with a rich variety of decorative styles and materials in an effort to give you exactly what you are looking for in your beautiful backyard. Likewise, we are always adding new items to our online shop, as well.

Whether you’re installing stunning landscape lighting in your backyard or adding accent lighting that appeals to your property's architectural beauty, we make sure that your property glows once the sun sets. Our ultimate goal is to provide a display that will make you marvel night after night, whether you're looking for mood lighting for a patio or soft lighting to improve the safety of your steps and walkways.