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Vintage, Mid-Century, Modern New & Custom for Sale Online


Our wide furniture listings will help make a purchase that suits your personal preferences and style. With several offers on remarkable vintage, mid-century, and modern furniture pieces you can discover ideal, new and custom furniture to decorate your interior. 

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary drinks table or a comfy mid-century piece like an upholstered club chair, the diversity in designs presented by Showrooms2220 will not cease to amaze. Our unique online selection offers a glimpse into the vintage, mid-century, and modern eras.

New & Custom for All

Ranging from beige to vibrant hues, spacious to small, sleek or heavily ornamented, our online selection offers a range of new and custom furniture to harmonize any space. You can find such pieces for dining areas, study spaces, living rooms, outdoor areas, bedrooms, guest rooms, as well as kitchens. No matter what the setting, there is always something for everyone.

You can experiment with new and custom designs  like modern and mid-century styles.  Opt for a piece that is not only functional and ergonomic but blends with the colour scheme of your room. If you want your space to have a modern feel or a vintage vibe, you can select from an array of designs with Showrooms2220.