Mantel and Fireplace Mirrors

Antique & Vintage Mantle and Fireplace Mirrors

Perfect to create an illusion of grandeur, spaciousness, and light while adding an attractive focal point, overmantle mirrors make an ideal feature piece in any room. And a large oversized mantle mirror can only amplify the drama even further. Rejuvenate your living space with the stunning range of overmantle mirrors at Showrooms2220. Available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your room, the collection of gorgeous mantel display is perfect for complementing a feature fireplace.

Here are some interior decorating tips to consider when you hang a large mirror over your fireplace, elevating the architectural design and decor in your home.

Hang Mirror Over Mantel Positioning - Vertically or Horizontally

As a functional piece, the fireplace mantel mirror opens up the space to create an airy appeal in smaller areas. A mantle top mirror can be hung horizontally or vertically over your mantel - a vertical position of the mirror makes your wall appear taller while a horizontally placed mirror gives the illusion of a wider wall. So, use mirrors to your advantage. 


Balance the Mirror with the Size of Your Mantel

Maintaining a balance between a mirror size and mantle length is an important aspect. Ideally, the mirror should never be wider than the shelf of the mantelpiece and should be two-thirds the width of the mantel. This should help in determining the right direction to position your mirror. The right balance between the mirror and firepit length adds class and luxury to a room.


Choose a Piece that Fills the Vertical Space

In most instances, decorative pieces are placed above the mantle for aesthetic appeal. In addition to enhancing the mantel and the fireplace beneath it, a large mirror helps anchor them. If placed too high on a wall, the mirror may lose its connection with the mantel. The top of the mantel should be approximately 4 to 6 inches above the bottom of the mirror. That way, the reflection will help show off the decorative objects displayed over the mantle.

Accessories to Dress Up a Mirror Over Mantels

Decorative items such as a fresh vase of colorful flowers, large figurines, clocks, picture frames, sparkling crystals, softly glowing candles, statues, vases, etc., make ideal choices. Create a symmetrical display by placing accessories on each side of a mirror hung over the center of a mantel. Lights from a glistening chandelier or pendant reflect brightly in the mirror. You can gain double the visual interest from your mirror by placing a colorful piece of art on the wall opposite it.

Try Different Shapes

Hanging a rectangular mirror above the fireplace is neither mandatory nor tradition.  There is a misconception about rectangular mirrors being placed over mantles. Play around with mirror shapes and go beyond what's typical. Mirrors of round or oval shape add a unique touch to any room. As well as an oval mirror, you can also hang a mirror with a diamond shape. Choose from multi-faceted decorative models of luxury overmantel mirrors, both contemporary and antique mantle mirror styles featured at Showrooms2220, and amplify your room with a visually stunning design.