Styling Tips for Vintage, Mid-Century, and Modern Statement Sofas

In any living room, a statement sofa can be a versatile piece of furniture. Not only would it be the center of attention, but it would also offer an opportunity to add character to your room. Here are three chic setups that will elevate the look of your statement s ...

In a narrow room, bulky mid-century couches will work well when placed against the wall. However, if your room has a larger space, you can place two couches facing each other. To balance the setting, sizeable coffee tables will provide an elegant appeal to narrow sofas, and small tables, like a pair of end tables, will look perfect when paired with a wide, mid-century sofa.

A Statement Modern Sofa

By carefully choosing the surrounding décor and accents, your modern sofa will blend with any style direction you choose. To glamorize your living room, these modern sofas can be a part of metallic layering. For instance, one could be placed by a side table coated in gilt and brass. To create a dramatic backdrop, you could hang a sunburst mirror, accented in gold, above the sofa. Opting for a classic brass wall lamp would be a great idea to get that finished metallic look.

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