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A fine collection of antique bowls and plates reflects a place in time in the luster and elegance of their unique shapes. It's said that good design lasts a lifetime, and some of life's best moments occur around the dinner table. You can add a touch of charm to your kitchen or dining room table with antique dishes and tableware whether you are hosting a dinner party or simply want to spice up your décor. Put some antique dishware on your table and let your dishes and bowls speak for themselves. 


Here at Showrooms2220, we offer an impressive selection of antique and vintage bowls and plates that will enhance your dining experience at every level. You will find the perfect dinnerware sets for every occasion, whether you are setting the table for a casual gathering or hosting a formal affair that requires unmistakable tableware. We offer crockery designs from ceramic brands that use ancient, traditional manufacturing methods to produce their pieces. A beautiful antique plate is a perfect way to make an impression when serving refreshments. The vintage plates and bowls collection embodies the finest in tableware made from high-fired earthenware. With timeless touches, this elegant tableware is suitable for everyday use, while being durable enough for heirloom quality. You can embellish your China cabinet or buffet with our extensive collection of vintage and antique plates and bowls as well as glassware. Stoneware will let you express your own individuality whether you choose a rustic dinner plate, an appealing dessert plate, a pastel-hued pasta decorative bowl, or a decorative mug. Whether it is used in a minimal setting or an elaborate setting, the neutral cream color blends seamlessly. In addition, they make excellent gifts for your friends and family who appreciate elegant dining and kitchen decor as much as you do.


Collectors are often drawn to antique dishes and decorative glass bowls, but for many, finding a certain pattern or print that speaks to their heart is the thing that makes a dish special. Particularly in the US, where a great deal of crockery is imported, many types of dishware are rich with artistic and historical value. International trade in traditional serving dishes increased dramatically between the 17th and 18th centuries. Compared to what America had to offer in terms of dishware, Europe was a bit behind. The value of European dishes isn't diminished by this, however - they continue to be valuable today. The European porcelain industry began in the 18th century, and a great deal of beautiful, trademark dishware was made during this period. Indications of their rarity and artisanship could be found in their style, markings, and indications. With the founding of Meissen in 1710, Germany became the first country to have porcelain handles. Europe produced a wide variety of styles during the 19th century, many of them inspired by the Orient or antiquity. Limoges, one of Europe's foremost porcelain cities, produced handmade porcelain and China, as did Royal Copenhagen in Denmark and other specialty industries. A prominent manufacturer of ceramics and porcelain since 1775, Royal Copenhagen's blue-fluted dishes have earned a reputation in European, as well as Danish households as symbols of quality and affluence, lasting a long time and highly collectible.


Take your vintage mid century modern dinner table to new heights with our stylish range of tableware. Embrace elegance with our Pearl collection, featuring pearl edging inspired by European ceramics from the 18th and 19th centuries. Ensure your next dinner party is a success with our glassware pieces.