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Selecting your bed is an important decision. In any room a bed acts as the foundation piece that guides all of your stylistic choices, from carpets to lighting. Showrooms offers a curated selection of vintage, modern and mid-century beds that will add an exciting edge to your room.

Here are some of our best bed frame styles outlined below from  Mid century Modern furniture to antique.

Louis XV style:

In the decorative art scene, Louis XV style is defined by French cabinetmaking. During the reign of Louis XV in the 18th-century, the influence of this style laid down the groundwork to birth the creation of the Rococo era. Rococo furniture was predominantly owned and marketed towards mostly by nobility and royalty.

Louis XVI Style:

This particular style was established during the reign of King Louis XVI in France, between 1760 and 1789. This era saw a sharp shift from Rococo's ornate nature that mostly featured heavy ornamentation and curved lines. Decorative styles from Roman and Greek were introduced with their sleek, straight lines. These interiors and furniture were sophisticated and symmetrical. The Louis XVI Style would is known for it's classical motifs including oak and laurel leaves, acanthus scrolls, swags, and Greek key.

Victorian Style:

During the rule of Queen Victoria, Victorian furniture reigned from the mid 18th century through the 20th century. Queen Victoria’s preference for splendor and abundance redefined the era. This style saw the revival of stylistic designs from other periods, with every furniture piece influenced by an individual revival style. A wide variety of Victorian-style furniture can be found in the market. These pieces are recognized for their elegance and opulence. They can be identified by their iconic features such as upholstery-work,  intricate tapestry and detailed motifs.