Bars Furniture

Vintage, Mid-century and Modern Bars Furniture For Sale Online


When it comes to mid-century modern home decor, there are a few pieces you can’t miss — one of them being a bar. But this piece can not be any ordinary home bar furniture , can it? Such a luxury piece must evoke a relaxed yet sophisticated feel that recalls the 1960s vibe.

There are several different kinds of vintage, mid-century and modern bars furniture available for sale online. The following five guidelines will assist you in making an easy purchase.

1.It's important to be tall

Make sure the height of your bar stools fits the height of your island. Begin by determining the height of your bar counter from top to bottom. +/- 300mm should be the average difference between them. This height gap is what people normally use on the dining sets and work tables, so it's a convenient difference that we are already used to.

2.Choose comfortable lighting

Select lighting that is appealing to the eye. In your bar setting, lighting is one of the most vital aspects. Experiment and explore a variety of lighting designs and fixtures to understand what works best for you. Commonly, bars are dimly lit. However, if you plan on having a seating area as well, installing overhead lighting over tables may be a good idea.

3.Be creative with the designs

Though bars aren't usually the focal point of a space, the right design could substantially improve the visual appeal of your kitchen or dining room. You can select bars that bring a sense of elegance, style, or glamour. If you want to go for a sophisticated look, opt for a distinctive and sleek design, much like our French oak sideboard Find a range of vintage, mid-century and modern bars furniture for sale online on Showrooms at 2220. Get the best deals today!